How to apply lessons learned.

During my time at London escorts, I had a lot of bad relationship with men. At one time, I even thought that my bad relationship experiences were going to put me off relationships with men for a lifetime. Instead, I realised that I could learn from both my relationship disasters and the time I had spent at low priced escorts. When I now sit down and look at my life, I realise that I have learned a lot and have so far been able to enjoy a good relationship with my husband.

My husband knows that I used to work for a London escorts, and is okay about him. I am not going to say that he did not struggle with it at first because I think that he did. But since we first met, we have both come along way emotionally and that has benefited us both a great deal. Not all of the girls I used to work with at our low priced escorts service have been so lucky as far as their relationships are concerned.

When you have worked for a London escorts service, it can be tough to find a relationship that works for you. Most of the girls who have worked for London escorts often find that they are not so lucky in love. They end up marrying men who are in the adult entertainment business in London or perhaps are a little bit “shifty” as my former London escorts boss used to say. I don’t think that works at all. It is a little bit like two actors getting married. I don’t think that works either.

I was lucky enough to meet my husband and fall in love with him. It took me a couple of weeks to tell him that I used to work for a London escorts. When I finally did, he was a bit taken back, but he seemed to accept. We talked about it, and I was glad that I had told him about London escorts. If I had not told him about what I used to do for a living, I would have ended up with great big gaps in my life. It would have been a lot like living a lie. Many former London escorts have gone down that route, and from what I can see, it has not really worked out for them at all.

What is the future for me? Well, my current job is not great, but I have no plans of going back to London escorts. You have to change your life sometimes, I feel that is what I have done. I am not going to backtrack. As a matter of fact, my husband is rather surprised at how well I have done for myself in life. There are days when I pinch myself. I am so lucky to have both a job and a husband, and the relationship lessons I learned before we got married certainly have come in handy in my own marriage.

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