I Divorced My Wife and Found Love Again

When I had been married to my wife for 30 years, I suddenly got this itch. I longed for something else. I knew that I had enough money to retire early, so that is what I ended up doing. Sure, I had to pay my wife a rather sizeable settlement, but I did not mind. At least I was free and could get on with the rest of my life. I am sure that many men of a certain age feel exactly the same way as I did. Instead of getting involved again, I started to date London escorts.

I knew that I did not really want to be involved in a permanent relationship again. Travelling was on top of my agenda, but when I was home, I decided that I would seek out some companionship in London. Yes, I am fully aware that I could have become someone’s Sugar Daddy, but I did not really want to go down that route. Instead, I checked out London escorts. If you find yourself feeling a bit lonely and without a companion, you should not hesitate to date London escorts. Not only are they the cutest sex kittens in London, but they are nice companions.

After I had been dating London escorts for a couple of years, I fell in love with one of the girls I had been seeing. I know that it may not be the smartest thing to do, but I could simply not resist Annika. She had been working for London escorts for ten years and was ready to move on. When I suggested that she take some time out from London escorts, and travel with me, she was more than happy to do so. We took off on a world cruise and came back to London 3 months later. By that time, we were totally crazy about each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Needless to say, Annika never went back to London escorts. Instead, she moved in with me and rented out her little flat. Before I knew she had taken over my entire life and I felt that I wanted something more out of our relationship. When I found myself a dad at the age of 60, I was the happiest man alive. Not only did I have my sexy Annika, but I also had our little cute daughter to look after. It felt like I had finally achieved something in life and I was more in love with Annika than ever before.

The next couple of years we traveled some more and took our baby with us. Today, you will find me happy settled back in London. I am married to my beautiful girl from London escorts and at 70 years of age, I walk my daughter to school every day. As far as I am concerned, life could not be much better. I am in love and I have a wonderful little family. Many men my own age are surprised that I am 70 years old. I guess my alternative lifestyle has a lot to do with it, and being in love with a girl who is 25 years younger than me helps a lot. Maybe we should all marry younger wom

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